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Alpha Translations Canada Inc. was established in June of 1994 by Michèle Hecken, herself an accredited translator and interpreter, and has since grown into a thriving international business with a conscientious, energetic team and an extensive network of carefully evaluated professional translators and local experts worldwide.


When it comes to language localized content is an important factor that ensures your message will be understood when you are entering a new market. It will be near impossible to convince people to do business with your company if they cannot understand your internal and/or external communications.

We offer language services tailored specifically to your needs. Your translation team is assigned to your project according to their familiarity with and expertise in your particular industry, as well as with the nature of the material being translated. Your translated communications should effectively address complex localization issues such as dialect, phrasing and terminology so that they accurately reflect your original intent.

Alpha Translations services many languages combinations, maintaining dedicated Translation Teams and Project Managers for our clients to ensure consistency and accuracy already on a human resources level.

Web Localization, Technical Documentation and Software localization projects are usually involve up to 60 language combinations, and sometimes even more. Incidentally these projects are also very sensitive to accurate terminology management, consistency across releases and accuracy of translation.

Proper Linguistic Asset Management, real-time access to all necessary information for all team members and real-time collaboration are required to be successful in these environments.

We at Alpha focus on enabling all team members to excel and succeed in their specific tasks. We assign trained and efficient team members and pair these with a secure, real-time linguistic production and collaboration environment and apply proven and measured production processes.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to translate our clients’ global strategy into worldwide success. As your strategic partner, we are able to offer industry-specific, top quality language services through our passionate commitment to productive communication

Our Mission

Our Mission is to service our clients’ need for high-quality specialized translations – even within the tightest deadlines. We do so by utilizing the world’s time zones and working with the most qualified professionals. Our unsurpassed personal service and project-driven solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique global business requirements.

Our Values

Clients’ Needs First

We actively seek to understand our clients’ needs and offer innovative and flexible solutions that add value to our clients’ business. This is the core principle which guides all our decisions.

Lean Growth

In providing our services we strive to grow and add value to all our stakeholders. We will do so by applying lean principles, innovative thinking and finding creative solutions.


Strong Relationships (1+1=3)

We build and nourish strong relationships with our clients, our team and our service partners to each others’ mutual benefit.

Empowered People

Each member of the Alpha Team has a vested interest in and is personally accountable for the successful outcome of each project and the satisfaction of each client.


Respect and Cross Cultural Integrity

We will act with awareness, openness and respect towards other people and other cultures, and always seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Fun and Fulfillment

We will have fun doing so and give every member of our team the opportunity to reach their dreams and goals, and to find strength and happiness in their personal and professional lives.


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