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Alpha is a team of language professionals committed to making sure that each translation and cultural consulting project is managed with expertise and precision, and that the target document is delivered on time and ready to use.

Our company’s greatest strength undoubtedly lies in the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm exhibited by each member of the Alpha Team.



Translation, transcreation and localization is Teamwork. To accomplish the tasks assigned to us, multiple language and subject matter specialist teams must work hand-in-hand, while all generated linguistic assets, quality control processes and collaboration support must be available to everyone simultaneously in real time.


Combining linguistic and subject matter specialization:

Each member of Alpha’s network of translators and editors is an experienced and fully qualified language service provider with extensive expertise in their respective subject area. Each member holds a degree in either language studies or translation, ensuring high quality, conciseness and accuracy are maintained during translation of your documents. We pair these with an extensive network of subject matter specialists that provide the necessary support in many practice areas, industries and geographical areas.



Understanding your requirements:

At Alpha we strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, rather than merely focusing on short-term solutions. To that end, we are dedicated to establishing a positive, mutually productive partnership right from the start. This applies as early as the first test translation your team requests from us. Establishing client relationships –– our process:
For us to excel at what we do, it is important that we become familiar with your corporate culture, style and norms. This will allow us to continuously refine and improve our service delivery based on your specific needs and requirements.
In our experience, every organization –– yours included –– develops its own unique internal language, style and culture. As your translation partner, we must be able to reflect your organization’s characteristics in all multilingual communication we prepare for you. For us to do that effectively, it is critical that we understand, document and act on these unique attributes right from the start. We have developed a defined process to gather new client information and establish a strong foundation that will support a mutually successful relationship.

ATC New Client EN2


Understanding and focus on each document within your projects.

The most important factors for success is understanding your requirements, proper planning and using a defined solution to apply this knowledge to all forthcoming projects consistently. We therefore strive to gain a clear understanding of your overall corporate communication requirements, followed by further detailed analysis on communication style particular to different departments as well as user levels and their target audiences.

Are legal translations strictly legal and do they need to be completed by a team of legal translators?

Our experience over 20 years has shown that this is very seldom the case. As very specific industry and market knowledge are often crucial factors, we need to consider experience and subject matter expertise on a case by case basis when assembling the project teams. It is equally crucial to capture the intended tone and level of speech, in which you address your audience in each document.

To make sure that this can be assessed and processed accurately and consistently, we analyze each of our documents based on 4 main criteria which are further categorized by specific indicators.

Practice Area  | Marketing Aspects | Level of Speech and Tone | Level of Industry Expertise

Different documents in the same project might have different requirements from an assignment aspect even though they come from the same client, topic and submitted at the same time. Therefore they require a different combination of skill sets within the team and specific workflow that guide at what point these skill sets need to be engaged. Our assignment philosophy helps our Project managers to quickly determine the appropriate requirements for every job and execution of the translation accordingly.

Smart Assignment EN DE A    Smart Assignment EN DE

Accuracy in the Team assignment and proper transfer of requirements and intent are key to success.

Doing it right the first time, all the time.


Secure Working environment

Our production is up and running 24/7 and across all continents, so communication and/or workflow interruptions are not acceptable to us. Because of this, we’ve found that traditional production models or even email-based collaboration and data exchange approaches are no longer useful or effective. For that reason, we no longer rely on these types of communication and information-sharing methods internally, choosing instead to utilize cloud-based technologies.
Many of our clients require multiple projects to be processed daily. In these cases, linguistic assets are generated and instantly made available to team members who are involved in other projects. This reduces client costs while increasing cross project consistency and efficiency.

Our secure web-based Translation Management Platform ensures confidentiality at every level, for every translation project.

At Alpha Translations, we take confidentiality and security very seriously. Our production environment is highly secure, yet distributed across continents to allow the right people with the right expertise access at the right time:
AlphaCloud Basic EN

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