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Fast and Scalable Solutions for any requirements

The profession has not changed in the hundreds of years it is in use.  It still is the accurate conversion of a message and intent from one language to another, so that it is accurately understood. It still is a process that requires human skill and intuition, the ability of skillfully transferring the meaning between the lines. …

What has greatly increased is the demand on our profession concerning accuracy and speed in which the translations are required, even more so in recent years where simulcasting is no more the exception, but the rule. We at Alpha Translations Canada therefor implemented specific processes that enable us to make the impossible possible.


Express/Rush Services | Overnight Services | Standby Services

We understand how important deadlines are. Many of our clients are restricted by tight deadlines and require quick turnaround times.

We offer an Overnight-Overseas service which uses the time difference between Europe and Canada to your advantage by offering overnight translation services for urgent and last-minute projects.

You can also take the stress out of those last-minute jobs with our other Express Services. We take advantage of the various time zones in which our translators are located to coordinate rush projects, making certain that your translation is completed within your schedule. Use Alpha as your secret weapon and competitive advantage in meeting your tightest deadlines.

We offer Same-Day, Weekend and Holiday services to ensure all translations are completed on time.

Overnight and Weekend Service | Language projects completed while you sleep | Express Service guarantees your schedules are met




Confidentiality | Secure Data Rooms

Remote Access – NO transfer of data or files

We take confidentiality and data security seriously. Our production environment can be highly secured, yet distributed across continents to allow the right people with the right expertise access at the right time. The company recognizes the importance of protecting confidential information and through its adoption of AlphaCloud Technologies, it can provide a secure cloud-based data room sharing environment.

Data Security by Design / Confidentiality by Trade / Continuous Training

In addition to our technical security, we also take great care in educating all our team members regularly on the importance of confidentiality, changes in regulation or client specific requirements through our e-learning and collaboration environment. They are bound by strict agreements, but training including practical samples and highlighting of potential pitfalls ensures that security measures are becoming embedded in each individuals work environment.




Scalable Solutions

Translations of large document files in multiple languages and short time frames have become a regular occurrence in our specialized legal, financial and technical sectors.

Let’s take a regular project, for example, of several legal documents to be translated urgently into 10 languages including target country subject matter review. That means that 2 Project managers plus 3 linguists, 1 subject matter specialist and 1 terminologist per language, plus desktop-publishers and engineering personnel build the project team, which now can easily exceed 50 – 70 team members.

  • All of them need to share knowledge and data and collaborate actively.
  • They also need to produce simultaneously to ensure short turnaround time.
  • Data Security and Confidentiality needs to be maintained in all aspects and under all circumstances
  • In addition, many of our clients require multiple similar projects to be processed simultaneously on a daily basis.

Read more to find out How we can provide Consistency, Accuracy and High Quality in even under the most challenging time frames






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