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In today’s fast-paced society, time sensitive documents have to be delivered promptly in order to avoid serious financial consequences. Many of our clients require the fast completion of their translation projects in order to meet tight deadlines. Companies need a quick translation without sacrificing quality. Alpha Translations Canada can provide you with the best of both worlds. Our team of professional qualified experts and linguists provide translation services over many different time zones ensuring accuracy and timeliness. With project managers overseeing the process from start to finish, you’ll always know who to reach in order to track the progress of your projects.

With our Express Services, our clients benefit from quick turnaround times, allowing them to breathe easier and not stress about their documents. We’re able to meet your deadlines by taking advantage of the time difference between continents to our clients’ advantage by offering overnight translation services for urgent and last-minute projects.

We also offer Same-Day, Weekend and Holiday turnaround services to meet our clients’ needs.


Overnight-Overseas Service

What sets Alpha apart is the customer-centric Overnight Service.

Our advantage is our ability to provide translation services to European clients overnight. After the European work day is finished, the work day in Canada begins.

Many of our clients are constrained by tight deadlines and require quick turnaround times. We are able to take advantage of the time zone differences in which our translators and clients are located to coordinate express projects, making certain that each translation is completed within the clients’ schedule.

We have never had to turn down a client order due to lack of capacity. Scalablility is very important for us. Our team is always ready to meet your translations needs, whether that is for 1,000 or 1,000,000 words. Just send us your project details and we will contact you immediately to help you find a solution even for the tightest deadline.


Weekend | Holiday services

At Alpha Translations Canada, urgency and customer support are not measured in business days – they are measured in minutes and hours.

To be able to provide you with the results you need in the timeframe you desire, we offer Weekend and Holiday services for uninterrupted support.

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Standby and hourly Services

For some of our valued clients it is important to quickly react to market situations as they arise, and to be able to communicate decisions internally or externally in a timely manner to all stakeholders globally.

For these specific cases Alpha Translations Canada offers high-speed translation services based on stand-by or hourly arrangements.

Documents can be submitted 24/7, assignments and set-ups can also be automated to get the material to the translations teams with virtually no delay, and returned on completion equally fast.

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For more information on our experience or on our delivery solutions that are specific to your needs, please contact us for more information, or call us.

Expand your global reach with Alpha Translations Canada, for translation services that you can trust!

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