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Translations of large document files in multiple languages and short timeframes have become a regular occurrence in our specialized legal, financial and technical sectors. Let’s take a regular project, for example, of several legal documents to be translated urgently into 10 languages including target country subject matter review. That means that 2 Project managers plus 3 linguists, 1 subject matter specialist and 1 terminologist per language, plus desktop-publishers and engineering personnel build the project team, which now can easily exceed 50 – 70 team members.

  All of them need to share knowledge and data and collaborate actively.
  They also need to produce simultaneously to ensure short turnaround time.
  Data Security and Confidentiality needs to be maintained in all aspects and under all circumstances
  In addition, many of our clients require multiple similar projects to be processed simultaneously on a daily basis.


Solution 1:  Dedicated Teams + cross trained Tier 2

We work with dedicated translations teams, ensuring that we pair technology support with human knowledge and experience. Your tier 1 translation teams get to know your preferences and requirements over time and will be assigned to your projects whenever possible. This human knowledge capital is a crucial factor for success and our assignment policies will guarantee your projects will consistently benefit of this capital on a human level.

But what happens in cases of sudden involume increase …


Solution 2 : enabling technologies

Due to our technology set-up and the open team environment, we can now easily add tier 2 resources to assist the existing dedicated tier 1 client teams in the production of urgent or high volume projects, with virtually no loss of accuracy or consistency. Each resource assigned to a specific file can see his colleagues work on the same files in realtime, independent of their physical location. Tier 1 translators can monitor, guide, correct and train tier 2 resources as they produce, ensuring necessary adjustments are made at the very beginning of their project contribution and not during time consuming revision processes.

Due to the technology the reference material, terminology is also available to each resource at their fingertips, highlighting and reminding our team about defined terminology to be used as it appears in your text sections, automatically and instantly.  The collaboration environment allows  Tier 2 translators to ask verification questions that can be answered instantaneously by Tier 1 team members reducing response times to these verifications to mere seconds.

Teamwork and secure knowledge exchange will allow us to scale to your specific requirements. Utilizing the global locations of our team members and the reflective distribution through many time zones allow us to create a  uninterrupted  24/7 production capabilities.

Short list of technology benefits:

  Fully web-based applications
  Full https secure environment
  Not client-server based system, just secured access rules based browser access (hence no transfer of data packages to any outside system)
  Fully integrated terminology management
  Fully integrated translation memory management
  Fully integrated QA system real-time review at each production step
  Simultaneous file access by multiple translators, reviewers and subject matter experts



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