Alpha Translations Canada realizes that documents for translation often contain proprietary information that must be safeguarded against early release or distribution to unauthorized parties. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your information and ensuring the security of the documents you submit for translation and we follow this policy rigidly.

All parties with access to your information are bound by our strict non-disclosure requirements. Your company may also present us with whatever additional confidentiality agreements you require prior to sharing proprietary information.


Confidentiality / Secure Production Environment

Remote Access – NO transfer of data or files

We take confidentiality and data security seriously. Our production environment can be highly secured, yet distributed across the continents to allow the right people with the right expertise access at the right time. We recognize the importance of protecting confidential information and through the adoption of AlphaCloud Technologies, we can provide a secure cloud-based data room sharing environment.

Some of the many advantages are providing real-time secure Online Team Collaboration and Secure Data Access as well as fully integrated Linguistic Asset Management in addition to it being a complete online training and evaluation platform.

Your files and data are not transferred to other locations, but accessible to our team members via secure online access, which is granted for the period of production and with the respective access limitations for the tasks assigned to each resource. Our secure Translation Management Platform ensures confidentiality at every level, for every translation project.

AlphaCloud Secure Data Rooms are fast, scalable, flexible and provide a secure data sharing environment. These tools provide our linguistic services in a confidential and secure environment while maintaining the quality, accuracy and consistency that our clients need. Our teams can access all necessary information and discuss the project specifics freely without the danger of disclosure or necessity to transfer data outside the secure environment.


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