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In order to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to your firm it takes carefully planned and executed financial translation services. Without accurate financial translations, crossing language and cultural boundaries exposes your business to reduced credibility, increased financial risks and the possibility of legal action.

At Alpha Translations we work with national and international banks, insurance companies, investment companies, accounting firms and trading houses to ensure that they have superior financial translation services that meet your internal quality assurance standards and respect the linguistic precision and cultural integrity of the target market. We actively seek to understand your needs and offer innovative and flexible solutions that add value to your business.

We specialize in professional financial translation services that cover the full spectrum of the financial services industry.



Banking and Finance

In today’s global market accounting and financial statements are not always prepared in the required language and expertise of professional financial translators with accounting and banking industry knowledge is necessary. Whether you need to translate balance sheets, banking statements, asset management statements or your accounting transactions, we are able to prepare accurate financial translations that take into consideration different international accounting and banking standards.





In many countries, investors are required to have their financial history in the language of the host country where the transaction is taking place. In order for the transaction to proceed, these documents must be translated in order to validate the investor’s financial status. Alpha Translations provides high quality and timely financial translations of those documents so that you don’t experience any unnecessary delays.

Public companies are required by law to produce annual reports. As is the case with many countries around the world including the U.S., Germany, China and India, annual reports may have to be produced in multiple languages in order to meet legal and demographic requirements. When it comes to having your financial information translated accurately for your stakeholders, only a professional financial translation serivces will effectively communicate your goals and achievements.





Individual insurance policies are purchased in order to ensure that individuals are provided care and security in times of crisis. In order for those in the industry to provide outstanding customer service and gain long term customer loyalty, accurate and professional insurance translation are needed to reach out to people from various linguistic backgrounds.

Aside from these business objectives, many documents such as insurance claims require professional financial or legal translations. In many jurisdictions it is mandatory for health care insurance providers to follow strict regulations and provide insurance translations pertaining to their health plan at no cost to the patient in their native language. Alpha Translations is a trusted local partner for both individuals and companies. We are experienced in providing high quality insurance translation in 172 languages; backed by a qualified team of financial and legal translators with extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. Regardless of the language of the insurance documents, we can deliver high quality translations that are produced by translators so that your claims filing will be processed as quickly as possible.




Data -Security, Privacy and Confidentiality

You can rest assured that your financial translations are secure and that all information is kept confidential, Alpha Translations is committed to protecting your personal and business-related financial information.

We will never share your information and we will always maintain the utmost concern for your privacy.

For more details on our Data security and confidentiality please also see Secure Data Rooms :

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