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Individual insurance policies are purchased in order to ensure that individuals are provided care and security in times of crisis. In order for those in the industry to provide outstanding customer service and gain long term customer loyalty, accurate and professional insurance translation are needed to reach out to people from various linguistic backgrounds.

Aside from these business objectives, many documents such as insurance claims require professional translations. In many jurisdictions it is mandatory for health care insurance providers to follow strict regulations and provide insurance translations pertaining to their health plan at no cost to the patient in their native language. Alpha Translations Canada is a trusted local partner for both individuals and companies. We are experienced in providing high quality insurance translation in 172 languages; backed by a qualified team of translators with extensive knowledge and experience in the insurance industry.  Regardless of the language of the insurance documents, we can deliver high quality translations so that your claims are processed as quickly as possible.

Our insurance translation services will reduce the stress associated with filing an insurance claim in a foreign country. We offer insurance translation services in the following areas:

Health Insurance

Business Insurance

Vehicle insurance

Agriculture insurance

International Insurance

Life Insurance

Employment Benefits

Insurance Coverage policies

Legality Documents

Property loss

Insurance claim Documents

Dispute Documents


Surety bonds

Employment Contracts

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