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In many cases legal translations require a wide range of industry or subject matter specific expertise, that is crucial for a successful and accurate translation of the documents in question.

Combining linguistic and subject matter specialization:

Each member of Alpha’s network of translators and editors is an experienced and fully qualified language service provider with extensive expertise in their respective subject area. Each member holds a degree in either language studies or translation, ensuring high quality, conciseness and accuracy are maintained during translation of your documents.

We pair these with an extensive network of subject matter specialists that provide the necessary support in many practice areas and industries.

Are Legal translations strictly legal, that can only be successfully completed by a team of legal translators?

Our experience over nearly 20 Years has shown that this is very seldom the case, as very specific industry and market knowledge are often crucial factors we need to consider when assembling the project teams. It is equally crucial to reflect your intended tone and level of speech, in which you address your audience in each document.

To make sure that this can be assessed and processed accurately and consistently, we analyze each of our document based on 4 Main criteria which are further detailed by specific indicators.

Practice Area  | Marketing Aspects | Level of Speech and Tone | Level of Industry Expertise

Different Documents in the same project might have different requirements from an assignment aspect event though they might come from the same client, project and topic. Therefore they require a different combination of skill sets within the team and specific workflow that guide at what point these skill sets need to be involved. Our assignment philosophy helps our Project managers to quickly determine the requirement and execute accordingly.

Smart Assignment EN DE A

Accuracy in the Team assignment and proper transfer of requirements and intent are key to success.

Alpha Translations Canada has build a wide range of experience and knowledge in many specific Industry sectors:

Aviation and Aerospace

Financial Institutions
Forest Products and Agribusiness
Hotels and Leisure
Infrastructure and PPP

Life Sciences and Health Care
Luxury, Fashion and Beauty
Media, Entertainment and Sports

Private Equity
Professional Services
Real Estate


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