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A successful global M&A transaction is built on the idea of each respective party having all of their information in their specific language to fully understand the details of the transactions. At Alpha we understand this importance, and use only qualified translators with Merger and Acquisition knowledge to ensure all of the information is understood clearly.

We commonly work on all aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions translations requiring due diligence and negotiations, including:

IT and technology

Company policies

Human resources

Intellectual Property

Sales and marketing

Acquisition agreements

Finance, investments and banking

Press releases


And more

At Alpha we have over 20 years of M&A experience, as well as a global network of qualified translators to ensure that no matter what time of day, how short the notice, or how many different languages are required, you can rely on us providing your translations needs.


Security and Confidentiality

During the many phases of a M&A the requirements for strict confidentiality are very high. We understand this importance and have put many measures in place to secure your data and confidentiality. Data security and a secure production environment is a standard feature of our service and we can also provide access to virtual data rooms for your complete protection.

Secure Production Environment is Standard

With advancement in technology, translation services have become more efficient. Alpha Translations has kept up to date with leading industry standards and continuously updates its security and efficiency by using AlphaCloud Technologies.

The adoption of AlphaCloud Technologies as its main production environment brings with it a new set of opportunities. One significant advantage is the knowledge base that Alpha is providing to the translation teams online and in real-time. It includes real-time secure Online Team Collaboration and Secure Data Access as well as fully integrated Linguisitic Asset Management in addition to a complete online Team training and evaluation platform.

AlphaCloud Secure Data Rooms are fast, scalable, flexible and secure. With large files, tight turnaround times and the highest quality requirements, AlphaCloud enables access to an invaluable set of tools to provide our linguistic services while maintaining confidentiality and a secure data environment. Our teams can access all necessary information and discuss the project specifics freely without the danger of disclosure or necessity of any transfer of data outside the secure environment.

Alpha Translations Canada adds value to the translation industry while still insuring the secure, top quality jobs that allows Alpha to stand out amongst its competitors.


Secure Data Rooms:

Through an agreement signed with the German-based Data Room Services GmbH & Co. KG, Alpha Translations is proud to offer its clients high-quality bundled solutions including fast and secure virtual data room services for large-scale transactions of all types. Clients can feel secure knowing that all of their information is always safe when using our services.

Data Room Services and Alpha Translations have signed a partnership agreement which will provide better bundled solutions for both clients.

Data Room Services GmbH & Co. KG, a leading provider of virtual data rooms, and Alpha Translations see a bright future for high-quality bundled solutions.

Frankfurt, September 30th, 2011 – Alpha Translations is well-known by entities large and small for providing its customers with high-quality translation and language consulting services. Alpha Translations specializes in complex translations for business transactions and legal documents.

Data Room Services (DRS) is the German market leader for providing the market´s fastest and most secure virtual data room for large-scale transactions of all types. DRS counts many of the world´s largest corporations and law firms amongst its customer base.

In combination, the two companies plan to achieve the objective of providing the necessary attention to nuance and detail required of sensitive, complex document translation in combination with secure access for such documentation. It is a simple concept and such bundling is practiced today, but there is much room for improvement in quality over the current bundled offerings.

According to Alexandre Grellier, CEO of DRS, “Through the partnership with Alpha, we can combine two high-quality offerings to customers that have requested such services in the past. We have already successfully shown that quality pays for itself over and over and more customers are appreciating that fact every day.”



  Sales transactions with the Drooms®Buyside
  Purchase transactions with the Drooms®Sellside
 Control of assets or portfolios of assets throughout the life cycle with the Drooms®Lifecycle
 Corporate Communication with the Drooms®Corp
 Secure availability of documents during the post-transaction warranty phase with the Drooms®Freeze



  Secure worldwide access to documents around the clock
  Central maintenance, administration and control of the documents
  Secure exchange between internal and external parties
  Parallel due diligence with multiple parties
  Transparency and Businss Intelligence with detailed reporting on all data room activities
 Support of strategic decision-making as well as company’s Compliance and Risk Management policies



  Time and cost savings due to rapid real-time document display
  Easy and intuitive use due to user-friendly Interfaces
  Unlimited number of users and unlimited volume of documentation without degradation of performance
  One-stop-shop for software and first-class-service
  Data Protection Directive- compliant server locations
  Highest security standards
  Unique features



  Server locations in Germany and Switzerland fully compliant with EU Data Protection laws
  Server facilities ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified
  Data transfer with SSL connection, AES encrypted with 256-bit key length, VeriSign certified
  No plug-ins needed
  Saves no data in the Windows registry
  Multi-level authentication process with temporary password validation
  Sophisticated rights management (review, print or save documents) on user level
  Detailed reports in real time of all data room activities
  Individual Term&Conditions for each project
  Dynamic, personalized watermark
  “Print-screen” key disabled
  Data backup
  System stability (availability of 99,9 percent)

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