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With 20 years of experience in the area of patent litigation translations, our company has become a leader in this special field.

Translation services and translator teams in this area of patent litigation must meet a broad range of requirements.  Depending on the subject-matter, translators not only require a solid base of legal knowledge, but also a good understanding of the highly specialized technical field of the patent.

Over the past 20 years, Alpha Translations Canada Inc. was able to develop a broad network of technical specialists who can assist our legal translators in these projects and who are responsible for the accurate representation of the specific technical details.

Patent litigation involves very complex proceedings in which accuracy and speed are of the essence. Often, briefs have to be translated overnight so that the legal team can focus on the next steps in the proceedings the following morning.

Based on this experience, Alpha Translations Canada Inc. has designed its translator teams, production processes and technologies to be able to handle these special cases.
Below, we have provided a short overview of these procedures. Should you be interested in more detailed information, please contact one of our staff members for an overview targeted to your specific requirements.

Short overview of two interesting core aspects of our approach to patent litigation translations:

Alpha TranslationsSelection of the right team, and text analysis

Our project managers use a custom-developed analysis system that helps them put together teams in accordance with the requirements of the material to be translated, instead of selecting team members randomly.

In putting together our teams, we apply the SMART philosophy: A specialist with the requisite skills will be assigned to each partial aspect of a translation project. Therefore, we begin by analyzing each file of a project to determine the specific production requirements. For each production stage, we then select
a specialist in the respective area. That way, each translation is processed by the team with the best qualifications for the specific requirements of the respective project.
Smart Assignment EN DE BSmart Assignment EN DE A

ATC Logo 200 WSupporting technologies and secure real-time collaboration

In order to ensure that translation projects entrusted to us proceed smoothly, the linguistic and technical experts assigned to a project must work together in close consultation with each other. It is crucial for them to be able to access glossaries and other linguistic assets associated with the project at any time, to have quality assurance tools at their disposal, and to have the opportunity to communicate with each other – in real-time!

Having patent experts collaborate on patent litigation translations is extremely important. Especially in the early stages of a project they need to be available for consultation and verification in order to ensure that the project is processed quickly and smoothly and with the utmost technical accuracy. Therefore, our production platform is designed such that translators and legal as well as technical experts can work simultaneously and as a team on one and the same document regardless of where they are located, allowing them to discuss and incorporate any changes to technical or legal terminology. This allows us to ensure that the translations meet our highest quality standards and can be delivered to the client in a very short turnaround time.

Our production runs 24/7 and across all continents, and with our production platform, we can ensure that there will be no interruptions in communication and workflow.

We take confidentiality and IT security very seriously. While our production environment is spread across various continents in order to ensure that the right team member with the right skills have access to it at the right time, we can nonetheless guarantee the highest level of data security at all times. Access to files is protected, and files – as well as any reference material – can only be accessed via our data rooms. In order to be able to meet our clients’ strict confidentiality requirements, there is no transfer of files to other systems.

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Please feel free to contact one of our staff members in order to obtain further information on this topic and discuss your specific requirements.


Alpha Translations

Whom do you entrust the translation of your patent applications?

We have been specialized in patent translations for many years. We only work with highly qualified experts in the fields of technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, chemistry etc., so that you will have the right team for your specific needs.

This is how we can guarantee that even documents with the most complex subject matter are understood and accurately translated.

All it takes is some inaccurate wording used in the wrong context in your translated patents, for your clients to find out that they don’t possess legal rights to their ideas or inventions. Just a few poorly translated words can initiate costly legal proceedings and loss of protection.

Patent 400

As patent lawyers your clients rely on your advice for securing patents, trademarks and copyrights and consultation on all matters regarding litigation and contentious proceedings related to IP, including enforcement, infringement and defense.

They depend on you to register their patents and apply for their trademarks in multiple languages over multiple jurisdictions in order to preserve their legal rights and give them piece of mind. They trust your expertise to describe their inventions, intellectual property and creative works accurately.

Alpha Translation Canada’s professional translation services ensure that your clients have their patent and trademark applications translated accurately in the host country’s languages. They can feel reassured that they have complete legal protection.

Alpha Translations Canada connects people across foreign cultures and markets for global business success. We provide multilingual, industry specific professional translation services for the legal, financial, and marketing sectors.

Our company has been present on the global market for almost 20 years. We support you all over the world and help you realize your international business goals.

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